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PrivateFeeds A Lot of Twinks and a Dink

Picture it! A cute young thing, a camera and a couch. What more could a guy ask for? If your answer is ‘nothing’ then you’ve come to the right place.  Today I took a little peek behind the curtain of a website called PrivateFeeds. This is pretty much a straightforward no frills site.  But it does have a couple of real cool features.

When you first log on to PrivateFeed, even if you don’t register, you are greeted by a pretty simple screen with a list of the guys that are currently on. And let me tell you right now. Lawd o’ mighty! These specimens of young man flesh are not hard on the eyes. They tend to be young slim Slovak/European twink types.  Who says you can’t make a meal out of twinkies?  Ahem. Just click on one of ‘em and you’re good to go. What’s fun is, it’s fairly obvious that they are given some type of signal that you have just entered their little domain because some of them start preening. You know what I mean, rubbing their chest or playing with their smooth semi-erect nips. Maybe, if you’re lucky one might even open his crotch a little wider and tug ever so suggestively at his undies so you can get a small glimpse of the promise that’s straining to escape its cotton confines and reach out and touch someone. (I better quit I’m starting to work up a sweat here.) 

 And then there are the guys that are oblivious to the world around them, eating, chatting on the phone, working on the great American novel. The best part is it’s free. One great plus is the low band video feed at Private-Feed is excellent quality. If you have broadband it is exceptional.  Another nice feature of the un-registered version is you get to click on “connect” and have a little chat with your chosen boyfriend of the moment. However, be forewarned, you are not always alone in free chat there can be several guys in there as well furiously typing right along with you vying for your hotties attention. There are also biographies and pics of all the guys and a schedule so you can look and see when your favorite performer has playtime.  But let’s be honest a little bit of chat and watching a hunk pick at his feet is not what we’re here for. We want to see…. everybody say it with me, SCHLONG! And in that my buds, you will not be disappointed. I happen to have it on good authority that every guy on this site can provide you with what you want.  Sometimes. I’ll come back to that in a moment. 

At this point you may be thinking ‘okay, how do I unwrap one of these cream filled desserts’?  Well, after registering you then purchase credits. Credits range in price from $24.99 for 21 credits all the way up to $99.99 for 83 credits. How many credits you use depends on the type of show you choose. There are shows in a semi private or private format. Semi private means someone else is currently watching them perform and has control of the chat feature. There are also the occasional duo shows. Credits needed range from 2 credits per minute for a semi private 1 on 1 to 7.5 credits for a private duo show. This translates to roughly 2.40 per minute to 8.99 per minute.  

But lets talk a little bit more about the guys for a sec.  As I said before, these are all beautiful young men with beautiful young equipment. But have you ever gotten home from the store with a new toy put the batteries in and nothing happened?  Let us take the case of Foster. Foster claims in his bio to be a real porn star. He also claims his measurements are “super sexy size”. I’m not quite sure that a famous real live porn star would rush home from a long hot day on the film set, fire up the computer and lie there for the next six hours hoping someone is going to log on and ask him to wank. I have a sneaky feeling ol’ Foster there probably stands in a little window all day and asks ‘do you want fries with that’?  Because the one thing Foster couldn’t super-size was his equipment. Oh he tried. He pulled, tugged, mashed and worked himself up into a frenzy. He almost had it a few times too. Poor guy he reminded me of Homer Simpson. ‘Woo-Hoo… d’oh, Woo-Hoo… d’oh…. Unfortunately Foster still remained a small fry.  I can tell you this. That did not deter me in the least. I merely switched channels, found the man of my dreams and eventually found out exactly what kind of cream they use to fill a twink-y.



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