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LiveJasmine: In the European Tradition 

Hey my old buddies! Have I got something to tell you!! One of the best things in life happened to me yesterday. I was walking into the local crappy-mart and I saw an ex of mine whom I hadn’t seen for two years. I had to do a double take but yep! It was he. And he was fat! I don’t mean fluffy, chunky, pleasingly plump or any of those other politically correct euphemisms. No siree Bob!! He was a big ol’ fat ass waddling down the aisle.

Now you may ask, why did this thrill me so? Well I will tell you why. We met five years ago, and after a brief but intense courtship in the back of a dark bar he came home to stay.

 We were living in happy-town until that fateful day when I found out just how clumsy he was. I mean this was the most accident prone individual I had ever run across. For example, one night I came home and found out he had had an accident. He had tripped and landed mouth first on the dick of our next-door neighbor.

What could I do? Being the co-dependent little fucker I am I picked him up, wiped him down with bleach and told him he should watch himself more carefully. This happened one last time before I finally figured out that it might not be by chance that every time poor baby took a tumble there happened to be an erect cock near by.

 It may have been the shock of getting dumped but after he left he was in a severe accident at the Holiday Inn and landed on two dicks at the exact same time!!! But of course my feelings have always been for him. I’m just glad that he had those two blood engorged rods to soften his fall, or he might have been severely hurt.

I was in such a good mood that I went home popped the top on a cold one and fired up the old computer to see what I could see. What I found was LiveJasmin. LiveJasmine is one of the more popular gay webcam sites. The number of guys online varies quite often. I have seen it with twenty guys online and as little as three, all cumming to you mostly from Eastern Europe. Don’t worry, most of these guys are very well versed in the English language and have no trouble following or responding in excellent English. LiveJasmin also has a great free video chat area where you can get one quarter, half or near full screen video with no registration required.  

Most seem to be my favorite amateur in home or apartment broadcasts but some are obviously in studios. You only pay for private shows here and like my other favorites like ImLive and CamContacts the prices vary as set by each performer. The video quality on all I tried seemed very good. Not as good as Flirt4Free or PrivateFeeds but still in the ballpark. The one thing I did find missing is the profile section. Not that I have to know that a performers favorite position is doggy style, but it’s a nice touch and gives you something to talk about.

Now lets talk about the all-important topic the quality of the men. There is definitely some grade-A choice tube steak to be had here. All the guys have that Eastern European (Romanian, Czech, etc.) look to them but that appeals to me.

 LiveJasmine, like most others, has different categories for their performers. All the men are lumped into one category called “boys” One category they don’t have is for TS, TV, or she-males whatever you want to call them. The problem this creates is when you click on the “boys” category; at least half of them are of the gender bender variety. It’s not that it really bothers me; it’s just that my boat floats up a different creek and I wish they had their own section. I mean, the last thing I want to see on a gay male website are guys who are trying to look like women. Some of them are pretty, some pretty scary.

Well Friends, speaking of scary, I gotta go. There’s a five-dollar bag of popcorn and a midnight movie revival waiting on me down at the cinema. I’m going to go see the original “The Exorcist”. I was too young to see The Exorcist when it first came out. But I do remember the news reports. From what I understand, when it first hit theaters it was so scary that most people either passed out from fright or ran out and bought crucifixes to masturbate with. My brother, God love him, did both.

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