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ImLive: The Big and the Little of It 

I’m a guy. I work hard all week and one of the few pleasures I allow myself is to crank up the old Dell, shift into low and do a little cruising until I find a good website and pull into the space marked Sausage city. I’m a voyeur. A peek-a-boo aficionado if you will, and there is one thing that has always bothered me about webcam sites. Too many times you don’t have any idea what you’re going to get until you go into a private show with someone. I mean I really hate surprises. Seeing a pretty face or a cute butt is one thing. But I’m not there for face and butt. I am there for one thing and one thing only. Yep! You guessed it… Weiner. And don’t try to pull a fast one on me by putting your hand down the front of your shorts and making it look like you got the battle of the bulge going on down there. 

Don’t get me wrong; I understand they’re take on things. Why buy the bull if you’re getting the cream for free right? I’m not greedy I don’t need to see it live, in action. But at least a picture would be nice. 

One thing I can say about imLive is they aren’t afraid to show they’re dicks for free. Now at imLive you don’t get to see it live right away, but at least you get some pretty hot pictures. IamLive always has at least 50 guys online. There were actually 79 last time I looked. That’s a lot of tube steak anyway you slice it. 

This is a fairly simple site. You register for free and then begin to browse the different categories and chat hosts. Like many sites they have various categories they have two male categories. Guys alone “straight” and guys alone “gay”. Click on one and you can see their bio and stats. You also get to have free text chat only with them. And that is about as far as it goes.

If you want to do anything else, you have to purchase between $25.00 and 100.00 in credit. You kind of have to poke your way through and find the best deal or the best guy for you. The guys charge different rates and many offer discounts. There also is a happy hour link that sounded interesting. Apparently happy hour is when guys take turns and do private shows for a heavily discounted rate. So look for the "Happy Hour" symbol on the right hand side near the top of the list of hosts.  The guys charge typically $1.48/minute rather than $2.8 and the first 20 seconds are free. [Updated on 26 Feb 08: Long time no see imlive's Happy Hour and now they've offered a director option.  Anyone in the chatroom can queue up to be the director.  You will be given 1.5 minute each time to give 1-on-1 instruction to your babe.  If no one at the queue you may continue for as long as you want.]

What do you get for your dime? You get to see some pretty big pepperonis in action and most of the guys also have fan clubs that offer pretty standard items like archived videos, snapshot gallery, diary etc. They also offer two-way web cams and an option box to turn yours off so they can’t see you. A blessing in disguise I suppose.

The only problem with the site is in the pay chat the video size is small compared to many of the other major sites. It’s such a shame that with dicks as big as some of these guys have to put them in such a small screen is just wrong. And imLive has got to have some of the biggest rods that I have seen in one place in a long time. But what else would you expect with screen names like “Monsterxcock” and “Asianbigcock”? And yes it was the largest Asian wanger I have ever seen. I’m not kidding. This guy’s dick was so big it played Darth Vader in two sequels.  

Anyway, it got me to thinking… Where do these guys come up with some of these names? And what do they mean? Deciding to call yourself something like “Bigcock” I can understand but what about the ones like creamyc8ke4u”? Sounds like the daily special at an Italian bakery. Then there’s the guy that calls himself  “TheBigBrain”. I thought, okay, maybe it’s got something to do with guys thinking with their “little” head kind of thing.  Until you look at his profile and find out that he’s five six and weighs two hundred pounds. Hmmm that’s another piece of the puzzle. Oh, then there’s “Roostercock”. Rooster cock is about 4” long and completely shaved. I wasn’t sure if it looked like a rooster but it definitely looks like some kind of bird with its head chopped off. Have fun!

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