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iFriends: A Huge Site and Some Unexpected Fun!

Your man out of town? The stud next door has his girlfriend over? Can’t reach your personal fag hag on the phone for a long juicy gossip/bitch session? Just chill. Calm down take a deep breath and fire up the computer. Have I got something to show you.

iFriends.  Now, iFriends claim to fame is it's A BIG ASS HUGE FRIGGING SITE!! It doesn’t matter what you’re into… they got it.  Now you may be asking yourself ‘How do I navigate such a huge frigging site?’ Rest easy my voyeuristic little buddy. One of the best things about iFrends is its search engine. Which, by the way, includes some pretty hot pics itself. The search engine has everything listed neatly by category. Which means finding your “black big-balled uncut crossdressing bear” is simply a matter of a few clicks.

In the mood for a good rimming session? They got it. Into skinny longhaired white trash boys? They got it. Or maybe you’ve been looking forward all day to a watching some hunk get all kinky with himself and launch into a nice slow auto fellatio session ending with a jizz cream facial. Yep! They got that too. There are even a few categories your ol’ bud here hasn’t seen before. For instance, I don’t think I even want to know what “gaping” is. One thing iFriends does have going for it is their proliferation of Muscle boys. They probably have more muscle bound hunks on this site than most of them combined. 

When you first land at the iFriend doorstep you have to register in order to be able to log in. Now they give you your choice of registration methods, which basically come down to pay or not to pay and you have your choice of PG/R rated or X rated.  If you register for the PG/R rated site you get a few of the features that are offered. You can see pictures of all the guys so you at least know what they look like, but you do not have access to the webcams or webcam chats and you do not have access to the fan clubs. You do get to text chat with most of the guys, which can be a lot of fun. Until they start asking you if you’re a paid member and then when you tell them ‘no’ they eventually just go away or stop responding.

 Now if you’re poking around and see somebody’s pic that gets your tighty whities to stretching and decide to become a paid member, you get to actually video chat with the guys. This is no ordinary video chat either. They have what they call MutualView, which is an optional "two-way" videochat that permits you and the performer to see each other. Nifty, huh? Also included for your dime is admittance into the Fan Clubs.  The Fan Clubs are kinda neat. The features include the performers private phone numbers, private email addresses, emails sent to you the next time your favorite is on line, their hottest memories, daily diary, etc. Before you go expecting all of the above, a word of caution: Many of the performers have not filled out their diary or filled in the hottest memories section or the etcetera. But if all you’re there for is to see some dick and have a quick wank, no harm done right?

How much does all this big-dicked fun cost?  There are two plans available a ClubVIP plan is $6.95 a month. Features include ZoomVision: To get a closer view, VIP members can zoom the webcam window all the way to full-screen, for the ultimate "extreme close up".  And "Voyeur View" Preview: Gives you a free 20-second "mini peek" inside every premium videochat room, before you enter. So that way there's no "surprises" when you enter videochat!  

 The ClubElite plan is $9.95 a month.  The elite plan has additional features such as access to the new super-high-definition iFriends and the "Verified Age" navigation feature. When you select the "Verified 18" category, for example, you'll know that you're visiting only with performers that are verified to be exactly 18 years of age.

There are a few funny moments to be had as well. For instance the site designers obviously utilize the same templates for everyone. This was never so blazingly apparent as when I read a come-on for one hunks Fan club. It said, “You make me feel like a star… a real Goddess…” Ugh. One guys profile read, “My cock is in fire and I need some daring gay to help me” Now that’s some severe S&M shit. But my favorite was while I was in chat with a pretty hot looking stud, he wrote: “I have just exploded”. What else could I do? I logged off. I figured he was dead.

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