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We’ve all had those days. It’s 2p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon. Your day off. Hairs a mess and you’re still in your pajamas. Then that urge hits. That low rumble from somewhere deep in our bodies that tells us Mr. Yum-yum is coming alive. He needs some attention. He is getting ready to stand up and say ‘howdy’. What do you do? You undo the cord on your pajama bottoms - just to get a little comfy, sit down at the computer and pull up one of your favorite bookmarks

Flirt4Free has got a LOT of guys to pick from. Thirty-eight were on line the last time I checked.  So no matter your taste I’m sure they have just about any type of guy you’re looking for. They have them all neatly broken down into categories i.e. boy next-door, Euro muscle, Latino, swimmer, condo boys, guy-guy (the duo shows) you get the idea.  There was also one pretty good-looking shemale. (As flert4free calls them). That is if you like that sort of thing. Your ol’ buddy here, however, prefers his men to look like men without any odd shaped looking parts to get in the way.  

Another thing, I don’t want to be mean here but, we’ve all been to one site or another where the guy’s really hot looking and just as you’re about to go into a wild, private one armed massage session, you suddenly lose focus on the important parts because you were too busy looking at that thing hanging off his chin. Not here.  These are all good looking, clean-cut, and oddly enough mostly un-cut, studs.

One of the things I noticed right off the bat is that all of the performers looked as though they were really having a good time. Just kicking back keyboard in lap smiling, laughing and joking around with all the guys flirting with them. Maybe it’s because they are kept busy. They don’t have time to wallow around in their own semi nakedness looking at the time clock.

When you first log on to Flirt4Free you get a really good quality clear live video in the middle. After that all you have to do is supply a nickname and you’re on. You can then browse the listings, find that special dude that makes your heart go pity-pat, go to his room and chat him up all you want for free. You can even chat with the other guys visiting your hunks room. You can even email the performers for free.  But that’s about all you can do for free. Still, not bad if your passions are tame for the moment and you’re just looking to pass some time.

If on the other hand you want to watch someone bop the baloney, you’re going to have to lay out some coin. Allow mw to give you the low-down. You purchase minutes at the rate of $5.99 per minute. But the minutes and rates fluctuate according to what you use them for.  The most expensive is 1 on 1 shows of course, and the least expensive is the party chat room. You can also buy a VIP membership which has a lot of fantastic benefits including free group chat, video interviews, gold text chat that makes you stand out as a VIP member, unlimited downloads, watching the monthly feature shows starring well known porn stars for free…. Oh didn’t I mention that? Once a month the site features live shows with some of the biggest names in porn. I’m talking about hotties from Falcon such as Roman Heart, Tyler Marks and Matthew Rush.  And if you miss a show you can browse through all their archives for free. Not bad, considering they have 194 hours of videos and 18, 000 photos. Hell that makes the VIP price worth it right there!

The more you look around the more obvious it is that flirtforfree knows what they’re doing when it comes to man-meat Cam sites.  There are a lot of nice features here and one real exciting one.  The one that caught my eye right off the bat is the "Controls on/off” button under the video.  This allows you to pan and zoom his camera and get every drop of the action when you are in a private show. This way it leaves his hands free for, shall we say, the business at hand.


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     FlirtForFree / Flirt4free is a very well established web cam chat site.  Unlike other live chat sites that are major in girls' cams, FlirtforFree constantly has 20 to 30 guys online all under categories like: Euro muscular, Euro twinks, young men, swimmers, Latino, boys next door and many other categories.

To access to the free chat, choose a nickname and type in your email address and you can start the free live chat.

If you want get more intimate with the model, you have the following choices:

  • party chat - average cost $0.99/minute, up to 6 viewers in one room.

  • group chat - average cost $1.99/minute, up to 3 viewers in one room.  VIP members enjoy group chat for free.

  • voyeur mode - average cost $1.99/minute, up to 3 viewers in one room.  It's available when the model is in private show with other viewer.

  • feature show - average cost $2.99, free for VIP members.  This allows you to talk to porn star live and direct their actions!

  • private 1-on-1 - average $5.99/minute

Flirt4Free's VIP membership is a monthly recurring payment.  If you are happy with group chat then it's a cheap way to get unlimited web cam chat and get to watch porn star shows for free.  Porn star shows, or what they call feature shows occur about once or twice a month.

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