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CupidoCam: The Long and the Short of it

 I had a friend once that was obsessed with the size of his man-meat. He would worry over it from the time he woke up and took a shower till the time he put it to bed at night. He tried everything from creams to pills to pumps. Nothing I said would get it through his head that taking a pill is not gonna make his pecker grow. He wouldn’t wear briefs or Speedos even though he certainly had the body for it, because they revealed the shape and size of his baby package to everyone. He wouldn’t go swimming because wet swim trunks cling to one's meat baton. It was no consolation to him at all that flaccid dick size has no relation to erect boner size. In some dudes their penis hardly changes between flaccid and blood engorged states.  So while they may have long limp dicks they don't grow very much when they get hard-ons, but they have the wonderful advantage of looking big when they're just walking around the grocery store nude. Some guys have little teeny dickies but obtain a much larger boner. Unfortunately, It was at rest penis size that bothered my friend the most.

If you want to see some really nice examples of dicks, surf on over to CupidoCam.

This has got to be one of my favorite sites. For one thing, CupidoCams is very gay specific. You don’t have to wade through tons of women’s categories to get to the meat. As soon as you log on, they are there waiting for you, in seven different categories. At CupidoCam it’s obvious these guys know how to promote their individual men. Each thumbnail window will tell you the guys handle, his age, where he is from, how much he charges and his (drum roll please) DICK SIZE! These range from M for medium – XXL. 

 I could not tell a lot of difference between them as they all looked about the same to me. Maybe that’s where actually seeing them in action cums in. So I did. Let me tell you now. The XXL guys know what they are talking about. There are some genuine, two-fisted, “takes two hands to handle a whopper” fuckers in here!! You also get access to their regular and X-rated photo galleries and my favorite the profiles. This way you can find out which of your boys are into fisting or available for live dates.  All of this is free for just registering.  The one draw back is you do not get to video chat for free. All you get is text chat like at ImLive. Damn. This is such a good site why would they limit themselves?  This is why, even though CupidoCam has a great site layout, the sites like Flirt4Free, LiveJasmine and CamBoysLive are going to continue to grow in popularity. People want to see what they’re getting for their dime. 

Well, there wasn’t a lot I could do for my friend. That he would allow. Straight bastard. But, it did get me to thinking about what all goes into figuring out a dude’s dick size. Let’s face it; never trust a man when he tells you how big of a piece he has. Men lie. Subtract one quarter to one half inch from any guy's statement of how big his cock is. Not all dicks are perfectly, even numbers in length, and who's going to round down to a lower number? Calling mine nine inches is, ahem, just an example.
 Weather has a lot to do with dick size also. When it is cold my equipment tends to resemble a Vienna sausage and two grapes. When it is hot out, they become an oak tree branch suspending two pomegranates.   

 It is also very difficult for a man to size up his own rod by merely looking down at himself. It always appears shorter by an inch or so. This is an optical illusion caused by the angle call foreshortening. So if two men were standing across from each other and they both had the exact same dick size. Each would  “see” the other guy as having a longer pud.

Look at it this way, all guys are different and there are guys out there who like small penises and size queens who would pound a two by four up their ass if they could get away with it. But, big dicks have not always been the size of choice.  In ancient times for example a large penis was thought ridiculous and laughed at. Look in any museum and check out the pieces on the male statues.

 I guess I’m glad I didn’t live in Ancient Greece.  

I would have been laughed out of town.  

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