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CamContacts: Gotta Love the Guys Who Keep it at Home

There are a lot of things to be said for the age we live in. We as a society have made more advancements in the last twenty years than my grandfather saw in his entire lifetime. We now live in an age where very little seems taboo. This is an age where we no longer have that cover of innocence.

 I can remember my grandfather telling me a story of being on a date with a young lady back when he was in his twenties. Come to think of it, it WAS in the twenties. Anyway the story ended with. “Heh-heh-heh, and then I bent down to hand her a cup of cocoa and, heh heh heh, when she wasn’t lookin I took a peek down her dress. Almost saw her tits! Heh-heh-heh.” My dad’s version of the story was pretty similar: “Heh-heh-heh” (They had the same laugh) “we were swimming in the lake and when she came up her bikini top was untied and, heh-heh-heh I actually saw her tits. Heh-heh-heh.”   Today we can actually get on cam, look at some dude with his captain Howdy hanging out and text him to “Harder. Beat yourself harder! Wave your dick in front of the camera! Now go over and beat your balls on the desk! AND THEY WILL!!

Isn’t life beautiful?

Heh- heh-heh

I went to visit an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while and in no time we were back in step. CamContacts, like iFriends, has to me a very enjoyable atmosphere. For some reason I gravitate towards the cam sites where everyone is independent and works from their own location. Looking at a site where everyone is in a studio with the same crappy couches and the same crappy curtains gives me the feeling that I’m just chatting with a coked-up robot.  At CamContact I know I’m talking to a real person. In a real place whether it’s in an office, front yard, attic or kitchen table.  And to me that’s genuine. That says ‘hey, I’m a working stiff just like you. I just happen to look like a model and have a really big dick That’s comforting. 

CamContacts is probably one of the most well known cam sites around. The reason is twofold. They have great looking, well hung; well-built guys and they’re dirt-cheap. Like imlive. The performer sets the prices. Last time I was on there were nine guys. Out of the nine, one was charging 50 cents one was charging 59 cents and the other was charging 65 cents. No I know you’re thinking ‘That’s not bad big buddy but I tend to find the technical quality on this site is often an issue.’ Okay, okay. That may be true sometime. But here are the reasons you should go for it. Technical quality there is getting better all the time. They know they have to in order to compete. They have some great features. They have two-way (broadcast) cams and they have audio like imLive and IFriends. The biggest feature however is where else can you get off for 50 CENTS A MINUTE???? 

Like all the other sites, each performer has a profile that has recent thumbnail photo galleries, bio information, schedule info, etc.  

Since CamContacts is full of working stiffs, there is something I had wanted to mention to you: Cam site etiquette. I have some tips for those of you visiting Cam Contacts that I think will make the experience for both of you more enjoyable.

  1. Be polite. These are usually real people with usually real feelings, and if you're nice to them, they'll usually be good to you in return.
  2. Chat with the performers and get to know them a little. Tell them what you like about them and tell them what you like to see. Don’t just log on and type ‘show me yer fuckin’ wiener’
  3. Your old buddy understands that in the final throes of passion you may feel the need to just instantly log off, but if you plan on visiting a performer again or becoming a regular, you might want to remember what your Mama taught you about manners and say thank you and goodbye. Consider it their tip.
  4. As tempting as it may be please try to refrain from requesting a performer to ‘go over and beat your balls on the desk’. That shit hurts.

Have a good night!





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