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CamBoysLive: One of the Firsts

I was sitting on my front porch the other day enjoying the aroma of the honeysuckles with the sun on my face and a gentle breeze coming off the hills from the east. Just as I was about to pop the top off a cold one, I looked up and there was the neighbor’s dog. At least this is what I presume this animal was supposed to be. It’s a little weasel looking thing with patches of hair missing from various parts of his body. He looks like something that got run over and spat out by a riding mower.  Anyway he stared at me, smiled and shit about three quarters of his body weight all over my lawn. I couldn’t believe it! Like I wanted to sit there and smell dog crap for the rest of the day.

I picked up an empty beer can, (Nothing angers me enough to actually destroy real beer.) and chucked it at his sorry ass. He did one of those little dances, you know the kind, where he pretends to run but really just stands there lookin at ya. That really made me mad. So I go inside to get my gun. Now don’t get your boxer briefs in a wad, it’s not a real gun, it’s one of those super-soaker things that holds like eighteen gallons of water. When I came back outside, I expected the cute little fella to be gone, but the son of a bitch was still standing there wagging his punk ass tail and thinking shit like ‘Yeah I just shat all over your lawn. Whatcha gonna do about it?’ I lowered that soaker. Took aim. And popped him right in the doggy face with about six gallons of water. Heh-heh-heh.  I bet that’s one dog that won’t shit in my yard again.

 I’m not a dog hater; I’m just a cat person. I don’t have time for a dog. I don’t want to walk one, I don’t want dog slobber all over me and I don’t want to have to scream “SHUT THE FUCK UP” at three o’clock in the morning.

 Cats are gentle, quiet, low maintenance. You need to go out of town? Put out a big bowl of water, a big bowl of food and a sign that says ‘pace yourself’. You’re good to go. Besides, when was the last time you heard of some kid getting his hand bitten off by an American Domestic Shorthair?

Since I didn’t want to sit outside smelling eau d’digested Alpo, I went inside and pulled up CamBoysLive.  Even though CamBoysLive was one of the first web cam sites that provided free video chat, it tends to be one of the smaller sites I have visited recently.  There are usually only about one or two guys on at a time that are available for free chat. Everyone else you have to pay to see or chat with.   

The video quality, like iFriends and Flirt for Free is really good here. There is one guy on here that you can also see sometimes over at LiveJasmine. He’s a good lookin stud who goes by the handle: Nineinchdick. Be sure to check him out! ‘Cause buddy, I am talking a meat-wand from hell! No wonder he gets around.

 Like PrivateFeeds, you buy credits then choose which little hottie you want to visit. Rates run about $1.99 p/m. When I was in there today the hosts didn’t talk a whole lot, but to their defense they were slammed with people eating up free chat time and not dropping’ a dime.

All in all CamboyzLive is a nice site and worth paying a visit to. And they have Bios! As most of you know, this is one of my favorite things to look at. Well, outside of dick of course. I mean, come on.

 I was at another site this morning, which will go nameless due to the fact that the guys over there were obviously ripped right off the street of ass-ugly town. They didn’t have bios but to give you a glimpse, I wrote one for one of their star performers:

 Berne was taken off the streets of Reykjavik, Iceland Berne enjoys keeping busy by impersonating nuns and using his face to sand rust off cars. His hairline is in the ever so popular “receded” style. When not on camera, Berne enjoys visiting drug rehab facilities or working in a college anatomy class as a human cadaver. He has donated his pubic hair to science.

Now aren’t you glad you didn’t accidentally stumble across that site?

Trust me, I won’t steer you wrong…

Or shit on your lawn.


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