Email Personalization Fields

The following tags can be used in your messages to personalize each one with the respective data associated with the specific listing.

{FIRSTNAME} - Inserts the first name of the submitter into your email messages.

{LASTNAME} - Inserts the last name of the submitter into your email messages.

{DIRECTORY-LINK) - Inserts a link to the main page of your directory into your email messages.

{CONFIRMATION-LINK} - Inserts a confirmation link into your email messages. The receiver needs to click this specific link to confirm their email address prior to their listing being added to your directory or being placed in your "awaiting approval" que (assuming you have email confirmation required turned on in the general settings area).

{CATEGORY-LINK} - Inserts the current category of the specific listing so the receiver can quickly locate their listing.

{LISTING-DETAILS) - Inserts the complete record set associated with the listing in the following format...

{RECIP-LINK} - Inserts the location of the partners website where the link to your website is supposed to exist.

(CHECKING-PERIOD} - Inserts the period in days when the next check will occur for a reciprocated link (applicable only to the suspended email notice).

{ADMIN-LINK} - Inserts a link to the admin login panel of the Link Management Assistant (applicable only for messages sent to you as the administrator for convenience reasons - do not use this in messages sent to listing submitters).